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Reason for ice on indoor unit of Air Conditioner

There are basically 3 faults in this case. First is due to low pressure of the refrigerant inside the air conditioning unit. Refrigerants are basically gases like R32,R22, R410A etc. Low pressure can occur if the Copper pipe used between the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner exceeds 15 meters in length. When […]
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Why chemical washing is not good for your Air Conditioner.

There are many instances when your AC does not cool your room as per your expectations.When you get it checked and all parts are working fine ,some technicians suggest you to get its coils chemically washed. Chemical washing of AC coils is only required in regions such as Coastal region where the systems suck salt […]
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Why R32 is the most balanced refrigerant in the world ?

There are many refrigerants out in the market such as R22, R32, R410A, R290 (care 40- Propane) . Most Balanced refrigerant is decided by various factors such as lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) , gas charge volume required , toxicity , flammability and ozone depletion potential. Global warming potential is defined as the amount of […]
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Inverter AC vs Normal AC

There is a lot of confusion in people for which Air Conditioner to buy. Whether they should buy Normal or Inverter AC for summers. Green line shows Inverter AC Cooling cycle whereas Red line Shows Normal AC Cooling Cycle. Lets first discuss about Normal AC. These are rated from 3 star to 5 star depending […]
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