PUBG …Avoid these 7 mistakes to become a Pro


Today we will be discussing a lot of mistakes that beginners are making while playing Pubg. I am sure after viewing this you will improve a lot in your gameplay.

  • Opening the parachute too early

Some of the people open the parachute too early which makes them to reach the ground too late. During this time the enemy may grab all the required things like guns, machine guns and your chances of survival become less. I would suggest that you always let the parachute open itself whenever you reach near the ground.

  • Not closing the gate…Not closing the gate gives enemies a clue that there is someone inside. By closing the gate you avoid from being stealth killed by the enemy..
  • Lie down (Prone)…Whenever some hits you and if you have a option then always try to hide behind an object. Most people tend to press Z and go in lie down position. When someone hits them. They think this is the best option but when you have no choice then only you should go in prone position. It gives better chance for the enemy to kill you if you go prone when the enemy is at heights.
  • Heights…I have seen most people not going on the towers and other buildings that are multistoried buildings. Going at a height gives you aerial view of the place you are present and allows you to easily spot the enemy .
  • Loot (Drop)….i know ….i know its human nature that everyone needs that quickly

Most people tend to run towards the drop or loot by the aeroplane without analysing the area around them. As everyone has the same mindset to get loot or drop as quickly as possible to get the best of weapons and fill their inventory. Most enemy kills can be achieved in the loot (drop) area. So be cautious as everyone is looking for the loot.

  • After killing someone. Most people run towards the loot material after an enemy is killed without analysing the area around them. I would suggest that you wait for sometime and see if someone else comes for taking that loot material. This will act as a bait for them and you may kill another person who wants to loot that.
  • You should not run openly . Its susceptibe to risks . Always analyse the are around you and then keep taking covers to reach the area.




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