Connect 5TB hard disc VIA OTG on Android

Well this was an idea that came in my mind when i was seeing my phone as well as external Hard drive. I always felt to connect it via OTG. So, finally i decided to do that.

The Hard drive I used was Seagate Expansion Desk and Phone was Lenovo K6 power.

I turned on the Hard drive and then connected the USB 3.0 cable of Hard drive to the OTG.

And it worked….Yeah!!!!

I think that untill your hard drive is powered by an external adapter there is no problem in providing the required Amperes the hard drive needs. May be you can get even 8TB to work..I have not tested it though.

The problem arises in case of usb powered external hard drives that are portable. This is not an issue in case of the Desktop Hard drives that are externally powered by adaptor.

You can also watch the video for the same

Hope that you have enjoyed this post…:)


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