Playing Tekken 3 with Spiderman and Ironman

This rom is different from the arcade version of the ROM that we use .

It is often called as Colourful ROM for Tekken. It is basically a mod for the existing Tekken 3 game without backtracks and skins are applied on the top of the ROM.

As skins are applied there are custom dresses for characters inside the Tekken.

The software used for applying custom mod on the Tekken 3 iso  is PPF-O-Matic 3.

In that you have to select the iso and tyhen apply the ppf patches to the iso of the Tekken3.

Finally we get the colourful rom mod for Tekken 3.

The video for spiderman and ironman can be seen here on our you tube channel.

Spiderman Mod shown below:

Iron man Mod shown below:

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