How to turn on DirectPlay in Windows 10

DirectPlay is a function that is needed to run latest as well as old games on Windows 10.

Even after installing DirectX 9.0c the only directX requiured for playing even the latest games..Some times older games(for example IGI2 ) give error that DirectX 8.1 is needed to run the game.  Most Latest version of DirectX like ver 11 or ver 12 are present inside the graphics drivers.

To enable it…

Go to Control Panel and select uninstall a program


After this go to the left preview pane and select Turn Windows Features on and off as shown below.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.10 -

I am using Windows 10 in this case. After this Go to legacy components and Check DirectPlay there.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.10 -

Finally DirectPlay is Enabled  and you can Enjoy your game..:)




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