Best screwdriver kit for disassembling laptops

Wiha 24 in 1 multipurpose screwdriver set is the best screwdriver available in the market for both beginners and DIY enthusiasts.


The whole compartment which holds the 24 screwdriver bits is magnetic so you can be assured that the bits would not fall of accidentally from the case.


Model: Wiha

Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bits Material: S2 Steel

Box Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Grey

Weight including all bits and metal box: Approx 251 gram

Size:  Approx. 168x67x17mm
Screw Bits Included Inside the package:



1) Made of Aluminum Alloy, S2 steel.Anti-rust aluminum alloy storage box.

2) One handle, 24pcs different screw bits, and a package box.

3) Ideal for daily household maintenance, as watch, camera, radio, laptop, mobile phone etc.

Package Included:

1 x Screwdriver

24 x Screw Bits

1 x Collection Case

The precision engineering that has been applied for manufacturing the bits can be easily seen. The bits are designed to last a lot longer than ordinary screwdriver. The comfort level is above the mark for all DIY enthusiasts and beginners.

You will enjoy your work after using this screwdriver…:)




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