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PUBG …Avoid these 7 mistakes to become a Pro

Today we will be discussing a lot of mistakes that beginners are making while playing Pubg. I am sure after viewing this you will improve a lot in your gameplay. Opening the parachute too early Some of the people open the parachute too early which makes them to reach the ground too late. During this […]
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Connect 5TB hard disc VIA OTG on Android

Well this was an idea that came in my mind when i was seeing my phone as well as external Hard drive. I always felt to connect it via OTG. So, finally i decided to do that. The Hard drive I used was Seagate Expansion Desk and Phone was Lenovo K6 power. I turned on […]
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Reason for ice on indoor unit of Air Conditioner

There are basically 3 faults in this case. First is due to low pressure of the refrigerant inside the air conditioning unit. Refrigerants are basically gases like R32,R22, R410A etc. Low pressure can occur if the Copper pipe used between the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner exceeds 15 meters in length. When […]
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Playing Tekken 3 with Spiderman and Ironman

This rom is different from the arcade version of the ROM that we use . It is often called as Colourful ROM for Tekken. It is basically a mod for the existing Tekken 3 game without backtracks and skins are applied on the top of the ROM. As skins are applied there are custom dresses […]
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How to turn on DirectPlay in Windows 10

DirectPlay is a function that is needed to run latest as well as old games on Windows 10. Even after installing DirectX 9.0c the only directX requiured for playing even the latest games..Some times older games(for example IGI2 ) give error that DirectX 8.1 is needed to run the game.  Most Latest version of DirectX […]
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How to check a desktop SMPS

For checking a Desktop SMPS you need to do its POST (Power on self test) . This test is done to ensure whether the SMPS is working or faulty. For doing this you basically need a wire, SMPS to be tested, SMPS cord This method is useful if you don’t have a power supply or […]
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Best screwdriver kit for disassembling laptops

Wiha 24 in 1 multipurpose screwdriver set is the best screwdriver available in the market for both beginners and DIY enthusiasts. The whole compartment which holds the 24 screwdriver bits is magnetic so you can be assured that the bits would not fall of accidentally from the case. Brand: XIAOMI Model: Wiha Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy Bits […]
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Tekken 3 paul Burning Fist gameplay demo in hard mode

The button scheme  I have used : Mastering this strategy takes a lot of time and will also test your patience in Hard mode. The more you practice the better you will become..:)

How to install multiple operating systems inside windows

The best way to install multiple OS (Operating system ) inside a single window is using VM ware Workstation player This is the best way for those who don’t want to rely on dual boot . If you have Windows 10 as your main OS of the system . You can install as many number […]
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Who is the most powerful character in Tekken 3

This is a highly debatable question. I have been playing tekken 3 for past 18+ years.  I will be giving you my opinion. In the king of iron Fist Tournament all players (characters) are equally powerful. The king has the maximum number of moves inside tekken 3 and Jin has the maximum number of Combos. […]
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