Tekken 7 King 6 Grapple combo tutorial

It is easy to perform this move. But,you will need patience to leant it. The Sol Naciente Grapple Combo is a part of King Mexican Magma Drive 2.

It starts from cobra clutch and ends at Sol Naciente.

The command list for this combo is shown below.

Tekken 7 Screenshot 2018.07.16 -

Tekken 7 Screenshot 2018.07.16 -

The chain for it begins with move no 171 and goes till move number 177.

For performing sol naciente you dont have to perform move no 175 which is Samurai Rock .

So, The sequence in which you have to perform the moves is

171,172,173,174,176,177  . Perform all these in sequence  to get till the Sol Naciente.

The button scheme  I have used Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.23 -

Here is the tutorial…

Hope, you would have liked the video….!

The more you practice it, the better you will perform it faster with precision and accuracy.


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