How to play Tekken 3 with background music.

Tekken 3 is an old game . But its like old is gold. Most people playing tekken 3 dont know how to enable background music in it.

You will need 3 files for doing it very easily

Tekken 3.bin  The file that came inside your tekken 3 original CD ROM

Tekken.PSV file for loading the saved states of the PC games

A Tekken 3 Emulator like PSX.

The procedure to do this is simple.

Run PSX.exe file and after that select Archivo> Idioma >change language to English from drop down menu . After that the emulator windows will open.Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.15 -


Then go to file insert CD image. Select browse and give path to the .bin file that you saved earlier.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.15 -


After that go to file > configuration and configure the settings that you need. Go to Misc and select any random buttons you need.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.15 -


After doing this select apply and ok.

After this select the graphics settings

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.15 -

Set both NTSC and PAL to 1920*1080 or according to your desired monitor resolution .

After that select apply and ok.

To check your resolution . Right lick on the desktop and select  Display settings . I am using windows 10 x64 in this case.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.15 -

The default resolution of my monitor is 1920*1080 so i have selected the same in graphics configuration.

Finally you just have to select the controller settings and set you desired buttons.


After assigning your buttons select apply and ok.

The button scheme that I use is like

Up                     LP     RP     LP+RP

Left Down Right         LK    RK     LK+RK

After that select load state and provide the .psv file for loading complete All players in tekken 3


After that play using your favourite character with background music….:)

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.15 -

Press ALT + ENTER to play the game in full screen mode.


You can also follow this link for our you tube tutorial




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