How to connect PS4 Dualshock Controller in PC

Hello, Its a common question for all gamers. How do we add a PS4 Dualshock controller (V1 or V2) to Windows .

First you will have to download a software named : DS4 windows. If you use 32 bit windows download the 32bit version or if you use 64 bit download that.

The latest version of Dualshock software for 64 bit is DS4Windows_1.4.121_x64. here is the Link to download the software.

Procedure for installation and configuration of both 32bit and 64 bit is same. So i will be explaining you how to add the controller for a 64bit windows.

First extract the downloaded DS4 software from the Archive with software such as winrar or winzip. Right click on the archive and select extract files and click ok.  I am using winrar in this case.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.09 -

After Extraction open the DS4 folder and double click on DS4 Windows.exe


After that select Program Folder and proceed with the installation.

After that you will get a menu. Welcome to DS4. Select step 1 and proceeed with the driver installation.



After the DS4 driver installation is completed .Go to the folder named Virtual bus driver. this folder will be formed after you install DS4 driver.


Now open the Virtual bus driver folder and install scpdriver.exe



Click on Install.

After that Connect your PS4 Dualshock 4 to the PC via a Micro USB cable

make sure that the USB cable you use is not more than 1 metres .This is to ensure that the dualshock controller gets charged quickly. I am using a UGreen Micro USB cable in this case.

1 (1).jpg


After connecting to your PC you will get a notification that a controller has been connected to your PC.


Now , the DS4 controller is connected but via a data cable.

Now how shall we connect this to our PC via bluetooth.

I am using a bluetooth dongle for that.

Plug in a bluetooth dongle to your PC. I am using a UGreen bluetooth Dongle in this case.


It supports Bluetooth version 4.

Now go to add devices in the Bluetooth menu and select add a Bluetooth Device and select the first option. Bluetooth (Mice, Keyboard,Pen Audio).


Now you also have to make sure that the DS4 controller is in pairing state. For that press share button for 2 seconds followed by a press of the PS4 button. The controller back led light will blink twice and keep on blinking untill it gets connected. Make sure that you dont press both buttons simultaneously from starting.

First press share button for 2 seconds followed by PS4 button .After that keep pressing both buttons simultaneously.




To confirm that the controller is successfully connected go to Control Panel> In the search box there type game and controllers and check the controller

Desktop Screenshot 2018.07.09 -

Now the light on the controller is indicating light blue color.


This means the controller is successfully connected but the DS4 software is not running.

If you will not run the DS4 software again the controller may not be properly detected in games.

Run the DS4 software again


After running the Ds4 software you will finally see a dark blue light on the controller which suggests successful pairing and functionality.


Finally The Controller is connected successfully and ready to function.

How to Disconnect the DS4 from your PC safely.

Go to start >settings


Go to bluetooth and other devices. Turn off the bluetooth.




Thats it.

For connecting your controller via bluetooth again.

Turn the Bluetooth first from Bluetooth and other devices as explained above and press the PS button on the controller.

You will get a light blue light on successful pairing.

After that turn on the DS4 software . You will get a dark blue light on your controller. After that minimise the DS4 software and then play your favourite games.

Thats it……:) I have tested and tried this procedure and finally got it all correct. Hope you will like it…:)

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